Rates & Insurance


Your first appointment will be for a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment  with one of our clinicians. The goal of the first session is to get an idea of who you are and how we can best help you. It is also the beginning of putting together the course of your treatment. The fee for this first appointment is $150.00.

On-going Therapy And Fee Information:

After the Comprehensive Clinical Assessment, individual therapy sessions typically last 60 minutes for a fee of $120.00. (Couple’s therapy sessions are also typically 60 minutes and cost $120.00). Skills class sessions are 90 minutes long and for a fee of $60.00. However, if you are getting comprehensive DBT or RO DBT through our practice, there is a reduced rate of $40.00 for skills class.  Agreements about payment amount and method are discussed prior to our first session and then discussed more fully during intake, so please contact us if you have a need.

Payment Information:

We operate on a “fee-for-service” model, meaning clients will be asked to pay at the beginning of each session. An invoice will then be provided for your records.



We no longer accept Medicaid, but we have a limited number of scholarship spots for folks who are eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or who are uninsured.

We are also a provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield (though not for Medicaid), which means that we will bill them directly for payment.  We are in network with most BCBS plans–including Blue Value. (However, we are not considered in network with BCBS Blue Local. Please call if you have questions!).  Please be aware of what your deductible and co-pay are for your individual plan.

We do not participate on any other managed care insurance panels. However, with a few exceptions, we can file health insurances as an “out-of-network provider.” Since payment is due at the time of service, we will request that the insurance company reimburse the client directly. In North Carolina, insurance companies are required to reimburse you within a set number of days. Please check with your insurance company prior to scheduling. Ask your insurance company about their “out-of-network coverage,” yearly deductible, percentage they will reimburse, and whether a prior authorization is needed.



In order to both organize our practice and guarantee clients regular times, we schedule a single weekly (or biweekly) time slot for a client. Missed sessions are not billable to insurance and will be billed directly to the client if the proper cancellation procedures are not followed. A charge of the full session is applied when appointments are missed or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.  Missed session or late cancellation fees can be waived for emergencies only.


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