Hope. Healing. Transformation.

If any of these sound similar to thoughts that you've had before...

“I feel so guilty because I…”

“I am so lonely…no one loves me.”

“I don’t even know who I am sometimes.”

“I just know that they’re going to leave me.”

“No one seems to understand what it’s like to be me.”

“I just wish that I could get over things as easily as other people do.”

“I don’t really want to die, but these thoughts keep coming into my head.”

“If only I could get a good night’s sleep, without these nightmares.”

“I do so much and no one seems to appreciate it.”

“Why can’t I get past it—it happened so long ago.”

“If only I can get this promotion.”

“If only they’d work harder.”

“Why can’t I make friends?”



…then you’re probably in the right place. Go ahead, schedule an appointment today to begin the process of getting matched with a good-fit clinician. Or get in touch with us, if you have other questions.


How We Can Help


We’re honored that you’re here…and if you are, chances are, you’re hurting.

Because we are the only INTENSIVELY TRAINED AND CERTIFIED TEAM of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) clinicians in the Triad, we specialize in working with folks who seem to experience emotions more intensely than most. By the time you get to us, this has usually led to coping in ways that have a significant impact on your life…such as suicidal thoughts or attempts, self-injury, relationship troubles, or other ways of decreasing the suffering.

The thing is, we recognize that those ways of coping are attempts to regulate your emotion—you’re trying!! While most of the world sees those behaviors as problems, they have actually been your solutions to problems!! We get it. We’ll help you continue to identify more solutions to the problem and teach you new skills that will help you let go of habits that cause additional suffering.

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Individual, Family, and Group Therapy

We specialize in individual therapy for adults, teenagers, and children ages 6 and older.  As a collective, we specialize in comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) through a trauma informed lens.  We also have clinicians who specialize in:

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • EMDR
  • Brainspotting
  • Grief and loss
  • Difficulties with over-control

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individual or family therapy, Greensboro, NC

Comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy

At Guilford Counseling, we are the only team of clinicians in the Triad practicing DBT to fidelity where everyone from our admin team to our clinicians to our interns have all been intensively trained in DBT. We are passionate about serving folks who often end up being misunderstood, and who end up suffering as a result. It is for this reason, and more, that we are so committed to helping you get the treatment that you deserve, and supporting you every step of the way. We provide Comprehensive DBT as well as DBT-informed treatment.

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therapist supervision, training and consultations Greensboro, NC

Supervision, Training, Consultation

We offer a range of supervision and training groups including supervision to LCSWA’s and LMCHCA’s, peer consultation group, DBT supervision group, DBT consultation team, program consultation, and  DBT Basic and Advanced trainings.

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Are you already a client?


If you’re already a client with us and are matched with a clinician, you can reach out to your therapist directly, access your client portal, or reach out to us directly so that we can assist you.